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Founded in 2020, we're not just a tuition centre. We're a learning community where every student feels they belong and is inspired to achieve their best.

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In-centre and online sessions. Programs for all ages, subjects, and exams.

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Our lessons are crafted according to examining boards and taught by seasoned, qualified professionals. We ensure every student grows confident and motivated.

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Who We Are

The Study Club is your local tuition centre with a difference. Created by two teachers that have worked in the local area for over 20 years, we understand the challenges and pressures of the education system at all levels. Established in 2020, The Study Club exists to break down those obstacles and create an environment in which your child can learn with a sense of belonging, as well as a strong desire to achieve at the highest level.

From GCSE and A Levels, all the way down to KS2 SATS, we have the expertise, materials and resources to meet the needs of your child. From one lesson to the next, The Study Club helps learners to prepare, achieve and smile.

Aisha Kaduji
6 months ago

Amazing teaching!!! Brought my grades up from 2s and 3s in my school mocks to 7s and 8s would highly recommend.

Shiv Singh
6 months ago

Got a grade 4 in math gcse πŸ˜„

Adam Aiboud
8 months ago

I started at the study club after my mocks around March and i was at a grade 4-3 in english lit and language. An amazing teacher there called hamza helped and supported me to get me to achieving grades 7 in literature and 6 in language which was seen as impossible considering how little time i had left till my gcses. Very highly recommend best tutoring education you can receive anywhere in bolton/greater manchester. Thank you so much

Isha fatima Isha
10 months ago

Shamim Valli
a year ago

Brilliant place, Yasin the maths tutor has been amazing and my daughter has really thrived. I would really recommend this place to boost confidence.

Going here helped me a lot with my studies, the teachers are also very helpful. Would definitely recommend going here for tuition classes.

Razia Mohmed
a year ago

My daughter attends the study club and she enjoys going and says the tutor is very helpful.

Really great experience with the Study Club so far, my daughter has really enjoyed the sessions and her teachers have already started commenting on her progress in school!

Reshma Kuvarji
2 years ago

This club has helped my daughter with all the catching up she needed in Math and English after missing school during Covid. Highly Recommend this Club if

Zahra Issa
2 years ago

My confidence in maths has shot up! I am now in set 1 thanks to Yasin . πŸ‘