Welcome to The Study Club: Your NTP Approved Tuition Partner

The National Tutoring Programme (NTP):

The National Tutoring Programme is a government-led initiative aimed at providing supplementary tutoring to students in need of additional academic support. Its objective is to close the attainment gap and provide equal educational opportunities for students across the UK.

The Study Club and the NTP:

We are thrilled to announce that The Study Club has been recognised as an approved Tuition Partner of the National Tutoring Programme. This achievement symbolises our commitment to delivering high-quality tuition to students, while upholding the values and standards outlined by the NTP.

As a trusted partner, we’re dedicated to providing individualised instruction, tailored to meet the specific needs of each student. Whether your child needs help catching up in a particular subject, wants to delve deeper into areas of interest, or is preparing for a crucial exam, our qualified tutors are ready to provide the necessary support.

What Makes Us Stand Out:

Experienced Tutors: All of our tutors have been thoroughly vetted and have a proven track record in their respective subjects. They are dedicated professionals, committed to inspiring and motivating students to reach their full potential.

Quality Learning: We adhere strictly to the guidelines and quality standards set out by the NTP. Our tutors employ a range of effective teaching strategies, aiming to engage students and foster a love for learning.

Bespoke Learning Plans: We understand that every child is unique, which is why we craft personalised learning plans based on each student’s academic needs, learning style, and pace.

Regular Progress Updates: We believe in maintaining open communication with parents. You’ll receive regular updates on your child’s progress, allowing you to keep track of their academic journey.

Safe Learning Environment: We are committed to ensuring the safety of our students, whether learning happens online or in-person. Our policies reflect a firm stance on safeguarding students and maintaining a conducive learning atmosphere.

Get Involved:

Are you ready to give your child the academic support they deserve? Join the growing number of parents entrusting their children’s tutoring needs to The Study Club, an approved tuition partner of the National Tutoring Programme. Contact us today to learn more and get started!